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  • Why choose high pressure airless paint sprayer? Aug 18, 2022
    The high-pressure airless paint sprayer is a spraying technology that does not require air. Make the paint adhere to the object to be coated at high speed. The application of high pressure airless spraying machine in the construction of latex paint walls has many obvious benefits: 1. Improve the coating quality. Airless spraying can not only atomize high-viscosity paint, but also the surface of latex paint applied by airless spraying is smooth and dense, without brush marks and rolling marks. 2. Speed ​​up construction. The construction efficiency of airless spray machine is as high as 300 square meters per hour, which is 12 to 15 times that of the traditional rolling brush process! 3. Increase paint utilization. Due to the uneven thickness of the paint film in the traditional roller brushing method, the usage rate of the paint is greatly reduced, while the airless spraying can ensure that the paint film is uniform and the thickness is consistent. 4. Extend paint life. When the paint adheres to the surface of the coated object under high speed and high pressure, it will form a mechanical bite force, so that the paint particles can penetrate deeper into the pores of the wall, enhance the adhesion of the paint film, and prolong the life of the paint film. In the early days, high-pressure airless sprayers were widely used in the spraying of industrial projects such as shipbuilding, steel structures, and heavy anti-corrosion. With the continuous development of the construction industry, airless spraying technology has also been gradually applied to the spraying of construction-related projects, and has been popularized in Europe, America, Southeast Asia and Taiwan. Since high-quality latex paint with a high unit price has been used, if you want to obtain the same high-quality wall effect, using a high-pressure airless sprayer is an inevitable choice.
  • How to use high pressure airless sprayer safely? Sep 08, 2022
    High pressure airless paint sprayers use a high-pressure plunger pump to pressurize the paint to 3000 PSI (210 kg/cm). The paint is delivered to the spray gun through a high-pressure hose, and the pressure is released through the nozzle to form atomization that creates a dense coating on the surface of the wall. Since no compressed air is required to atomize the paint, it is called airless spraying. 1. Before using this high-pressure airless spray machine, please make sure to read carefully and strictly comply with the requirements of this instruction manual. 2. The high-pressure airless sprayer must be placed smoothly and securely during the operation. The operator must pay attention to personal safety in the process of operation, if necessary, with a good protective cover and work cap after the operation. 3. The workplace should be well ventilated. The motor power cord and high pressure tube should not be stacked on the items or be stepped on, pressed etc. The high pressure pipe should be unobstructed on the way to be dragged during the operation to avoid damage to the high pressure pipe. 4. The voltage and frequency of the power supply used must be consistent with the nameplate on the motor. 5. Check carefully to confirm that the fasteners of the high-pressure airless sprayer are fastened securely before connecting to the power supply, and check to confirm that the pipe joints are connected securely. 6. To improve the service life of this high-pressure airless sprayer, the paint used should be clean, free of impurities and not deteriorated, and should be filtered through a filter of 80 mesh or more. 7. Pressure adjustment should not be greater than 200bar. If the high-pressure tube is replaced, the tube selected must be uniformly equipped by the paint sprayer manufacturer. 8. At no time is not allowed to point the gun at others, when operating to prevent the splash of paint on the operator's body, especially eye injury. 9. Don’t allow use the high-pressure airless sprayer spray acid, corrosive substances, toxic chemicals (such as pesticides, pesticides, etc.). Do not use banana water, dimethyl dumb and other solvents for spraying operations.during the operation, the operator should not eat food, do not smoke. 10. After the completion of the spraying operation, to unload the flow, unload the pressure, and then turn off the motor, and then immediately clean the parts of the paint flow through the cleaning solution, wash the residue, it is strictly prohibited to clean with boiling water. 11. When moving the airless sprayer, generally cut off the power supply, motor and plug are not allowed to contact with water and paint, keep the machine clean and dry. 12. The tools used in any fastening, adjustment and maintenance of this airless sprayer should be suitable and the operation should be standardized to prevent damage to the machine or the person. 13. Do not allow arbitrary changes to the structure of this airless sprayer. Do not use spare parts that do not meet the requirements.
  • How to clean electric high-pressure airless sprayer? Sep 19, 2022
    There are several steps to cleaning electric high-pressure airless sprayer. Turn off the airless spray gun safety. Turn off the sprayer equipment power switch and use the return valve to release the pressure in the equipment (just turn the return valve counterclockwise). Remove the nozzle and soak it in a small bucket with clean solvent or water and rotate the return valve counterclockwise (note: the paint sprayer return valve cannot be unscrewed in its entirety). Lift the airless suction tube so that it leaves the paint bucket and open the equipment so that the paint in the equipment flows out from the return tube. Prepare a metal bucket with water or clean solvent, please do not use industrial alcohol to clean the equipment, industrial alcohol will gum up the internal seals of the equipment. Put the suction tube into the metal bucket, make the water or solvent circulate in the equipment for 2-3 minutes, and turn off the power switch. In order to save the remaining paint in the paint tube, pull down the trigger by aligning the nozzle to the wall of the paint bucket, tighten the return valve clockwise, at this time, you need to pay attention to the splash of paint, when the solvent or clean water appears in the paint, close the spray nozzle and put the nozzle into the metal bucket. Knock down the trigger to make clean solvent or clear water circulate in the spray equipment for 2-3 minutes, turn off the power switch. Lift the suction tube to make the suction tube leave the metal barrel with clean water or solvent, and set the return valve in the return position. Turn on the power switch to make the solvent in the equipment discharged from the reflux tube. Prepare some clean solvent or water and use low pressure to make it circulate in the paint spray equipment until it is clean. If you use water to clean, you can add a little equipment protection liquid in the water, so that it can reduce the possibility of rusting in the equipment. Take out the suction tube from the metal barrel with solvent or water and clean the airless suction tube strainer. Check the equipment and nozzle filter screen for blockage and damage, and clean or replace if necessary. Remove the nozzle from the pail containing solvent or water and gently brush the nozzle clean with a soft brush and blow clean with compressed air and store in a dry place. WARNING: Since this equipment airless sprayer is a high pressure device, please read the cautions and warning labels on the operation manual carefully when operating.
  • Notes on operating the airless sprayer Sep 26, 2022
    Firstly, the operation precautions of airless paint sprayers as following: When spraying, do not put your fingers, palms or any part of your body in contact with the airless spray nozzle. It is strictly forbidden to point the airless nozzle at yourself or others. It is strictly forbidden to spray after removing the nozzle sheath. The spray gun safety must be turned off at all times except for spraying or cleaning. Please relieve pressure before performing any repair or maintenance on the airless paint machine. When cleaning airless sprayers, do not use bleach or strong acid and alkali solvents. It must be equipped with the appropriate power regulator. Secondly, the operation precautions of construction precautions as following: Please work in a well-ventilated and well-lit place. Do not work in the area with sparks or combustible materials. Do not idle the airless spray machine for more than 10 seconds without paint. This airless spraying machine can not be used in the glue containing ingredients or particles and solvent-free or strong corrosive paint spraying. Some paint spraying equipment can only use 220 volts single-phase electricity, is strictly prohibited to connect 380 volts power supply, otherwise it will burn the motor. Then unplug the power socket, do not pull the equipment power cord. When spraying, do not smoke. Do not take any injury situation lightly. If not handled properly may cause serious consequences. Once the injury please be sure to consult a doctor.
  • How to extend the life of high pressure airless sprayers? Oct 24, 2022
    Many buyers come to purchase high pressure airless paint sprayer for a variety of purposes, some for the quality of the coating and some to shorten the work period. But generally speaking, high pressure airless sprayers are more expensive, the purchaser will expect them to have a long service life. But there are many people who use the high-pressure airless sprayer improperly in the process, resulting in the rapid destruction of the high-pressure airless sprayer. Here we will give you a brief introduction on how to extend the life of the high-pressure airless sprayer. First of all, it is important to clean the barrel of debris and the remaining spraying pigment before and after use, and to thoroughly clean the sprayer after each job to prevent clogging and damage to the various parts of the airless spray machine. Secondly, before using the high pressure airless sprayer, the power cord and related equipment should be checked for damage to ensure that no dangerous accidents occur when using the airless sprayer mahcine, and the wire box and other wiring should be neatly placed on top of the high pressure airless sprayer after use. While in use, the sprayer's vacuum hose should not be overstretched and bent to prevent breakage, which could result in spillage of the sprayed material and create a hazard. Again, when using the high-pressure airless sprayer, it is important to be gentle with it to prevent it from falling or being hit hard. And when the machine is not in use, the high-pressure airless sprayer should be placed in a ventilated and dry place to prevent rusting due to excessive contact with moisture, which affects the life of the machine. Fourth, when cleaning the wall putty spray machine, you should use a moist or soft cloth with a neutral cleaner to wipe it. Forbidden to save trouble, the sprayer's main head is strictly forbidden to immerse in water cleaning, but also in the cleaning time can not save trouble and use gasoline and other strong corrosive cleaning agents, otherwise it will damage the shell of the machine. At the same time can not make the machine in a long continuous working state, the sprayer should stop using after two hours of continuous use, wait for the machine temperature to return to normal and then start using again. And if the high pressure airless sprayer is used for a long time, the spraying ability of the sprayer will decrease and the life of the sprayer will be shortened. Finally, if the temperature of the electric airless paint sprayer is too high, or if it emits a burning smell, or if there are abnormal vibrations and loud noises, send it for repair in time to avoid safety accidents. The above is the knowledge of how to maintain the high-pressure airless sprayer to extend the life of use. Welcome to inquiry and contact us.
  • How to choose airless spray tips? Oct 31, 2022
    Airless spray machine spraying material composition materials mainly to anti-corrosion and fire protection materials, epoxy resin, or latex paint, in the choice of airless spray tips we have to think of the two aspects of the problem, one is the spray width, the other is the flow is also the size of the caliber. Paint sprayer nozzles are generally divided into three types, respectively standard, finishing and wear-resistant, expressed in English symbols are LTX (standard), FFT (finishing), GHD (wear-resistant), the number of the code is the introduction of the spray width and calibre data. In accordance with their true wishes, consumers can choose the model you want to buy, and only through this method can they be assured that it is exactly what they need in reality. Here are some of the things we need to be aware of when buying a sprayer nozzle When using airless paint sprayer to spray fireproof and anti-corrosive materials, we need to use a standard type of nozzle. As the granular material contained in these sprayed materials is a serious wear and tear on the nozzle, it is still recommended here that you use a wear-resistant nozzle. When spraying anti-corrosion materials, we need to consider the problem that the thickness of the anti-corrosion material sprayed is relatively heavy, it is best to use a larger diameter nozzle when choosing airless spray nozzle, but for steel construction of anti-corrosion materials, it is best to use a nozzle with a spray radius of 5 inches or less, which will reduce the waste of paint and improve the use of paint. When the paint sprayer is used to spray emulsion paint, in order to ensure the efficiency of the construction and the thickness of the emulsion paint, it is best to use a standard type nozzle with a spray radius of five inches and a calibre of 0.0017 inches as the best option. When spraying the corners of the walls, it is necessary to switch to a nozzle with a relatively small spray width. When painting external walls, we can use a nozzle with a spray radius of twelve inches, which will increase efficiency. However, due to the larger spray range, it is best to choose a larger spraying machine to ensure a uniform thickness in order to ensure the quality of the spraying. When paint spraying machine spraying oil-based paint, we need to pay attention to the characteristics of the paint, oil-based paint density is low, strong liquidity, when the spray width is large, easy to cause the paint hanging, it is best to use the finishing type of nozzle, this type of nozzle atomisation effect is better, can be more liquid paint spraying more evenly, in reducing the wear and tear on the nozzle at the same time to extend the use of the nozzle time. The above describes so much about the use of spraying machine nozzle, the first contact with this equipment, many people will be confused, do not know what this machine is for, more do not know how to choose when using, in fact, this equipment looks huge, extremely complex, in fact, the working principle is still relatively simple, the general personnel after a simple training, can be skilled operation, save time and effort, the above I believe that you should have a certain understanding of this equipment, I hope that these introductions can produce a certain amount of help to the practical use of everyone.
  • How to clean and maintenance airless paint sprayers? Nov 08, 2022
    The cleaning and maintenance methods and steps of airless paint sprayers: 1. After the spraying operation is over, the airless sprayer should be cleaned immediately to remove the residual paint in various parts where the paint flows to prevent it from hardening and causing blockage. When cleaning, just replace the paint with the corresponding solvent and spray according to the operation, until all the paint in the body, high-pressure pipe and spray gun is sprayed out. 2. After using the airless paint sprayer for a period of time, it is necessary to clean the filter screen of the spray gun. The method is: remove the movable joint and the buckle, unscrew the handle of the airless spray gun, take out the filter element in the handle and clean it, and then put it back in order, Tighten. If the filter element is found to be damaged during cleaning, it should be replaced with a new airless sprayer filter element. 3. If the spraying is not smooth during the spraying process, check and clean the suction filter in time. Generally, the airless suction filter should be cleaned after each shift. 4. Regularly check whether the fasteners are loose and whether the seals are leaking. 5. Under normal circumstances, after three months of continuous use of the airless sprayer machine, open the pump cover to check whether the hydraulic oil is clean and lacking. If the hydraulic oil is clean but missing, add it; if the hydraulic oil is not clean, replace it. When replacing the hydraulic oil, first clean the oil cavity of the pump body with kerosene, and then add hydraulic oil with a volume of about 85% of the oil cavity, which is equivalent to about 10mm between the oil surface and the top of the pump body. 5. If you still need to use it the next day after each use, please do not drain the liquid in the suction pipe, body and high pressure hose pipe, or do any disassembly, just soak the suction pipe and discharge pipe spray gun in the It can be stored in the corresponding solvent; if it needs to be stored for a long time, the liquid in the machine should be drained, and it should be packaged and stored according to the new paint machine state.
  • What are the wearing parts of the airless paint sprayers? Nov 15, 2022
    If you want to understand high pressure electric airless paint sprayer, you need to understand its accessories, be familiar with its entire equipment structure and get a basic overview of the equipment so that you can use it better. There are many accessories for high pressure airless sprayers, each of which plays its own unique role and without which the paint spraying equipment cannot function properly. When it comes to sprayers, the first accessory that comes to mind is probably the paint spray gun, from which the paint is sprayed, without which the paint cannot be sprayed onto the worktop. There are many types of spray guns, such as automatic spray guns, high pressure spray guns, high pressure extended spray guns, etc. The guns are also equipped with rotary joints and rotary nozzles, so customers can choose these spray guns according to their needs. The main component on the spray gun is the spray nozzle, as the role of the airless spray nozzle most directly affects the effect of spraying and quality, so it is recommended that we focus on protecting the nozzle, when not in use to the nozzle jacket with, to play a protective role to ensure the quality of spraying. The next step is the high pressure resin tube. After the paint has been applied at high pressure in the airless sprayer, it is transmitted to the outside world via a high pressure hose pipe. Resin tubes are generally of good quality and have a long service life, so you can use them with confidence. Many people do not know that there are extensions to the spray bar, which can be made to a certain length to meet the special needs of the customer. Also, high pressure airless sprayers are equipped with ordinary mufflers or aluminium mufflers, to reduce the noise generated by the operation of the equipment to a certain extent, so as not to disturb others. Last but not least are these sprayer accessories, such as pneumatic mixers, airless sealing rings, square drain valves, screen assemblies, v-rings and so on, all of which are also involved in the work of the high pressure airless sprayer. This is a brief introduction to some of the high pressure airless sprayer accessories. To learn more about paint sprayers, you can contact us for more information.
  • How to choose airless paint sprayer supplier? Nov 22, 2022
    The development of the construction industry has led to the development of modern machinery, so the use of airless paint sprayers is still very widespread, so we need to how to choose airless sprayers supplier? First of all, we all know that many modern people will think that the big brands of paint sprayers will be better, this view sometimes we can not deny, like many big brands in the world now, like Germany's Wagner, like the United States of America's Titan, these are among the world's top airless paint sprayers companies, so from the function, from the use of innovation is better, this is true, but we have to look at its price, the price of such brands is very expensive, can achieve the effect we want, but can not reach the case of our earnings, can not be affordable to buy, how to choose airless sprayer manufacturer is more critical. The first thing we all know is that we have to look at the price of airless sprayers, so we exclude many of the world's top brands, from a practical point of view, to buy cost-effective Chinese sprayers is a good choice. For example, China Fuzhou Yazhong Machinery Co Ltd, we are the source manufacturer and have our own factory, so our prices are very competitive. The second is the guarantee of quality. We have been in the field of spraying equipment for more than ten years and always insist on continuous research and innovation. Years of research and design are not as good as those of the world's top industries, but all our products have CE certification and quality is guaranteed. Then the after-sales service and guarantee is very important. The paint spraying machine is like our human body, through the continuous use of the old bad such a phenomenon, or the use of non-standard will lead to damage to the internal functions of the machinery, these are inseparable from the parts repair and after-sales protection. Fuzhou Yazhong Machinery Co Ltd not only produces airless spraying machines, but also produces a variety of spraying machine accessories, so in the after-sales maintenance has a wealth of experience and service capabilities. Finally, how to buy spraying machines or to combine their own needs. Either way, Fuzhou Yazhong Machinery is looking forward to any inquiries you may have, choose Yazhong Airless Paint Sprayers, your reliable supplier!
  • What should be know when choosing airless nozzles? What should be know when choosing airless nozzles? Nov 29, 2022
    Airless spray machines are mainly used for spraying materials such as anti-corrosion and fire protection materials, epoxy resins, or emulsion paints. When choosing airless spray tips, we need to understand the spray width and flow rate, the nozzle flow rate is the size of the calibre.  There are generally three types of nozzles, standard, finishing and abrasion resistant, indicated by the English symbols LTX (standard), FFT (finishing) and GHD (abrasion resistant), with the coded numbers introducing the spray width and aperture data. According to their needs, consumers can choose the model you want to buy, the following are the things we need to pay attention to when buying airless sprayer nozzles. Firstly, when the airless paint sprayers is used for spraying emulsion paint, in order to ensure the efficiency of the construction and the thickness of the emulsion paint, it is best to use a standard type of nozzle with a five-inch radius and a 0.0017-inch diameter as the best option. When spraying the corners of the walls, it is necessary to switch to a nozzle with a relatively small spray width. When painting external walls, we can use a nozzle with a spray radius of twelve inches, which will increase efficiency. However, as the spraying range becomes larger, it is best to choose a larger spraying machine to ensure uniform thickness in order to ensure the quality of the spraying. Secondly, when paint spraying machine spraying oil-based paint, we need to pay attention to the characteristics of the paint, oil-based paint density is low, strong liquidity, when the spray width is large, easy to cause the paint hanging, this time we had better use the finishing type of nozzle, this type of nozzle atomisation effect is better, can be more liquid paint spraying more evenly, in reducing the wear and tear on the nozzle at the same time to extend the use of the nozzle time. Thirdly, when using the high pressure paint sprayer to spray fireproof and anti-corrosive materials, we need to use the standard type of nozzle, as these spraying materials contain granular substances on the nozzle wear and tear is more serious, so here we still recommend that you use the wear-resistant nozzle. When spraying anti-corrosion materials, we need to consider the problem that the thickness of the anti-corrosion material sprayed is relatively heavy, it is best to use a larger diameter nozzle when choosing a nozzle, but for steel structure of anti-corrosion materials, it is best to use a spray nozzle with a spray radius of 5 inches or less, so as to reduce the waste of paint and improve the use of paint.
  • What are the advantages of the mortar spraying machine? Dec 06, 2022
    Airless paint machine have been used in the production of products since the beginning of the last century. Their main function is to atomize the surface of the product in order to improve the quality of the coating. Among the paint spraying equipment, the airless spraying technology, as well as the high pressure airless spraying technology, are the most advanced and efficient. With the passage of time and the continuous innovation of scientific and technical personnel, spraying equipment has also appeared in the spraying technology more advanced mortar spraying equipment. So, how much do the majority of building construction friends know about the use of mortar spraying equipment? Mortar sprayers are more suitable for painting walls, car surfaces and ship surfaces. Among the many types of paint, mortar spray machine is the best and most efficient for spraying water-based emulsion paints. The main advantage of water-based emulsion paints is that they are non-toxic, easy to clean and do not cause pollution to the environment. At the same time, the colour range of water-based emulsion paints is also quite rich compared to other ordinary advanced paints. Therefore, mortar spraying equipment for waterborne emulsion paint can be used to improve the quality and life of the coating on the surface of the product. For some huge product painting jobs, the efficiency of wall mortar spray machine is undoubtedly one of the most efficient among the types of spraying equipment compared to other types of sprayers. This means that products that require painting processes such as walls and furniture can be sprayed at an even and efficient rate after the paint has been pressurised and atomised on all parts of the wall or furniture. There is one more thing to note about the use of mortar spraying equipment. When the mortar sprayer has finished spraying the surface of the product, the parts need to be dismantled in the correct order according to the instructions for the mortar spraying equipment. The aim is to rinse the parts with clean water in order to extend the life of the parts and the external frame.
  • What is the difference to use an airless paint sprayers? Dec 13, 2022
    What is the difference between the traditional manual application of emulsion paint or the use of airless sprayers for the application of walls? Nowadays, there are many paint companies that offer a free painting service for homeowners, but they are often only responsible for painting or spraying, and often take a non-responsible attitude towards the base treatment of the walls. There are also many users who intend to buy their own paint and decorate themselves, and are considering whether it is better to apply manual brushing or machine spraying. If economic strength allows, or if you want to pursue a relatively high quality wall, of course, or choose airless spraying machine spraying is better, after all, the texture of the spray out is certainly brush out does not have. If you don't think it's worth buying the equipment once, you can also search online for airless spraying equipment for hire, which is better. Because latex paint is a high-viscosity water-based paint, so spraying before the grassroots treatment of the wall and other important, or it will reduce the decorative effect of latex paint, which is why some paint company workers for free after the user painted the wall particles obvious, not as beautiful as the brochure up to the reason. After the base is cleaned and the surface is scraped with putty to smooth out the gaps and depressions, we can then paint on it. As airless sprayers are relatively expensive, the average painter will not configure them, but of course it can't be said that there are absolutely none. Most people still paint the same way as in the early days, with a brush or a roller, plus a paint can directly on the wall, and because latex paint is highly viscous, it often needs to be diluted before it is applied. This directly reduces the elasticity of the emulsion paint, making it poorly dustproof and less decorative in the later stages of use, while easily producing cracks. In addition, traditional hand-brushing is time consuming and the utilisation rate of paint is relatively low, so I do not recommend it here. The walls are smooth as a mirror after spraying with an Electric airless putty texture paint sprayer spray machine, and the coating is so even and fine that you can't find any traces of paint on it, with a strong texture and fast working time, so it is a more efficient and high quality way of treating walls. But at a later stage if there is a problem with the wall and it needs to be repaired there is often a certain amount of trouble because basically the workers won't come over with an airless sprayer and spray it again for you, they can only use a brush, but this will leave obvious traces of brushing on the wall and the texture and effect of the two methods is certainly very different, so it is better for families with the financial means to have their own airless sprayer. The two methods are definitely different in texture and effect.
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